Manage change effectively

Change management

Alan O'Neill - Speaker on Change Management, Corporate Culture and Customer Experience

Supercharge your change management

Change management isn't a battle of wills, but can deliver positives for all

Change is a reality for all and it comes at us in many ways. But be careful, history shows that only a small number of change programmes succeed. Your people will enable it, or obstruct it.

Alan knows what it takes to drive change in an organisation. Across industry, he has led and facilitated many blue-chip companies through change and overcoming resistance.

With case studies tailored for you, he will share the pitfalls and strategies for managing change, overcoming resistance and help you to land key messages for your business.

Tailored for you

Alan can offer you a choice of keynotes tailored for your business.

You might like to hear the Selfridges rollercoaster story of ‘riches to rags to riches’ and how Alan supported their transformation programme.

Or you might like the story of how the CTBTO (United Nations) maintains its resilience and tenacity in a world of political unrest.

Or you might like Alan to facilitate a masterclass / mini workshop to help craft a strategic plan.