From developing a sales methodology to how to innovate safely, Alan shares opinions and reflections from his 30-year business experience helping organisations through significant structural or process changes. Each post has a useful topic tag to guide your reading choice.

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I believe that with a well-polished offering, this company has the potential to break into a new market and grow sales.
German manufacturer of drainage systems, Birco has built a reputation for German quality linear drainage systems tailored for any environment.
What worked in the past is no guarantee of success in the future. To enable innovation in your organisation requires a fresh look at your culture.
It’s a cliché, but people are indeed the greatest asset for any organisation. Every business shares the same three ambitions.
Engagement surveys serve a similar purpose for organisations in gauging the ‘temperature’ or the mood of teams.
Every industry has its seasonal cycles and a new leader has to experience all of those to really understand the business.
We have to dig deep and find our grit. Your culture needs to be relevant to you, but you would do well to consider grit as the key element.
One such Irish company that has enjoyed great growth this year is Revive Active. Their pioneering approach has driven the company’s growth.
Any modern and fair-minded individual will agree that screaming and shouting as exemplified in Hell’s Kitchen is inappropriate.