From developing a sales methodology to how to innovate safely, Alan shares opinions and reflections from his 30-year business experience helping organisations through significant structural or process changes. Each post has a useful topic tag to guide your reading choice.

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Partnerships between friends in business can be very challenging. But communication is central to the success of any partnership.
What are the criteria that determine greatness in CEOs? It’s easy to measure value in large public companies but mush less so in smaller organisations.
With the right culture, organisations can improve the customer experience in the new circular economy.
We often miss opportunities to see the potential in collaborating with others. Here is an encouraging example of great collaboration.
The concept of engaging your people is not just a theory. Nor is it rocket science. But it does require belief from a strong leadership.
As businesses reopen after enforced hibernation, there are mixed messages about how we’re all coping.
This significant crisis has not gone away and yet it will have massive impact on our country and our supply chains in particular.
Budgets are not plans. Budgets are a set of numbers that show you the anticipated score of the game.
This Christmas, it’s not just about fighting for the local market. Customers the world over are influenced by great content and authenticity.