The new battleground for business

Customer experience

Alan O'Neill - Speaker on Change Management, Corporate Culture and Customer Experience

Supercharge your customer experience

Drive to be customer-centric

As globalisation enables transparent comparisons and technology enables fast copying, how to differentiate from your competition is becoming ever more challenging. Product alone just won’t cut it anymore – customer experience has become the new battleground. Alan wrote the book on it, Premium is the New Black (Put the Customer at the Heart of all Decision-making).

Alan is passionate about customer service. He can tell you how to develop a culture of great service from the board-room to the front-line – whether you’re B2C, B2B or Public Service.

He knows that customer service has to be practical and drive sales – and it requires a fully engaged workforce. While that’s obvious and sounds easy, we don’t all do it. Alan will challenge you with examples, evidence and case studies to help you achieve consistency and to motivate your people into action to increase your sales.

Tailored for you

Alan can offer you a choice of keynotes tailored for your business.

From B2C brands like Adare Manor Hotel or Selfridges… to B2B brands like Emirates Insurance and Intel… to Public Sector bodies like United Nations or DVLA, Alan will tailor relevant stories for you.

Or you might like to hear stories from Alan’s book Premium is the New Black which is packed with great tools and concepts to help any B2B or B2C business.

Or you might also like to be inspired by fun stories about Irish heritage that has made Ireland the envy of the world for its renowned hospitality and cead mile failte.