From developing a sales methodology to how to innovate safely, Alan shares opinions and reflections from his 30-year business experience helping organisations through significant structural or process changes. Each post has a useful topic tag to guide your reading choice.

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Crisis Management

This research is totally focused on consumers preferences, which directly impact the B2C market.
We have to dig deep and find our grit. Your culture needs to be relevant to you, but you would do well to consider grit as the key element.
Any modern and fair-minded individual will agree that screaming and shouting as exemplified in Hell’s Kitchen is inappropriate.
If you’ve never done an internal survey before, it may sound daunting to you. But I have only ever seen positive progress when these steps are followed.
how does a business leader know when the time is right to hang up their hat and to step down gracefully from the role of CEO?
With a combination of sound judgement, good decision-making and empathy, the CFO needs to be the steady voice of reason.
It quickly emerged how cultural leadership can differ across countries. Despite us treading lightly, some of the old leadership team saw us as interfering.
I think it’s a good idea to take some time out now and consider the consequences for your business and plan accordingly. Agility is key.
Partnerships between friends in business can be very challenging. But communication is central to the success of any partnership.